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Our approach

Discover how a video is produced at Contour Media. Also feel free to check out the case study about one of our video productions for Dutch Railways to see an example of the production process.




Consultation and project discovery

Before Contour Media starts producing a film you will have a personal meeting. During this meeting we will discuss what you aim to achieve with the film: who is tour target audience, what is the message you want to bring across and what is the tone of the film? During and after this initial meeting you will provide all the information that is relevant to the content of the film and we will write a script using this information.


Contour Media scriptScript

When writing a script we come up with a structure for the film, appropriate video material and interviews that are interesting to film. But we also write a voice over and think of animation should these be required. The script can go back and forth several times before a final version is achieved.



Preparations for production

Based on the script preparations for the production stage commence, such as determining who will be interviewed and where, planning the dates for the filming and in some cases arranging permission for filming locations.




Contour Media productionFilming

Shooting all the relevant audiovisual material from the script.


Voice over

Contour Media will provide several options for voices for you to choose from. After a voice is selected the script will be recorded.



Should there be any parts of the script that require animation Contour Media will collaborate with an animator to create these.



The music will be composed especially for your film by a composer. Although mentioned here in the production stage this will not be done until the very end of the process, after the editing of the film has been completely finished.




Contour Media post-productionEditing

After completing the filming stage Contour Media will start editing the film. The voice over will be recorded and the images will be edited accordingly. After one or more versions of the film where you can give feedback a final version of the film is sent to the composer and Contour Media starts colour correcting the film. After the music is composed this will be presented to you for final approval, after which the film is completed.



When the entire film has been approved by you it will be delivered in a format you request, for example in a version suited for tablets and/or smartphones, to the specifiations of your website or a videosharing website such as YouTube of Vimeo.