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Rob van der HoopContour Media was founded by Rob van der Hoop in 2010. Because of his multi-year film training at Queen’s University in Canada, London Metropolitan University in England and his work within the Dutch film and television industry, Rob has an extensive background in drama production. This is reflected in the corporate films of Contour Media, where the emphasis is on engaging images, smooth editing and a tightly organised production schedule. Because of this international background Contour Media also targets companies with an international outlook.









Elisabeth Cirelli
Elisabeth Cirelli
is a dedicated and gifted composer, musician, music producer and songwriter. Her portfolio covers scores for short films and video games, top-20 charting dance music, as well as promotional work for corporate clients.

She is most passionate about composing for films and video games, and has written the scores to a number of short films. Originally a classically trained musician, Elisabeth also taught herself to work with electronic music and can compose in almost any style, from full orchestral pieces to minimal electronic soundscapes, and is capable across diverse genres of movies and games.

Elisabeth also works on corporate commissions, including TV commercials, tracks for promotional campaigns, and music for special events. She has produced tracks for corporate clients such as L'Oréal, Sky TV and Nokia, amongst others. You can visit Elisabeth's website here.